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Kru is a British professionally trained actor who has attended classes at The Lee Strasberg Institute & The New York Film Academy based in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA.  He has also attended classes for over 6 years at Act Up North Manchester & Jim Cartwrights Drama School Chorley in the UK.  Kru has also attended a Directors course at The London Film Academy where he has Directed his first short film.  Kru has appeared on the BBC’s ‘The Capture Season 1’, ITV’s ‘The Bay Season 4’ as well as multiple TV/Film work.   Kru has gained a role in the award winning popular stage play ‘TWO’ Written and  to be Directed by Kru’s Manager/Mentor Jim Cartwright in May 2023.  As well as being an actor Kru is also a highly trained Martial Artist with a 4th Dan in Kickboxing and 4th Khan in Muay Thai as well as a practitioner/stage performer of Krabi Krabong (Thai Sword Weaponry).  Kru has been a Martial Arts Instructor/Personal Trainer for 20 years in the UK and has produced many English, British, European and World Champions as well as leading a Great Britain team to win many Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in Italy, Germany and Holland successfully.  With the extensive knowledge of Martial Arts Kru put his skills into stage combat coordinating and produced a martial arts team that became the headliners at UK Martial Arts shows and gained stunt credits on IMDB from working on TV series and Netflix films.  Kru is an International Hall of Fame inductee, awarded for his successful contributions and life input towards martial arts. 

actor, Producer, Writer & martial artist

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Kru has recently completed production of his film ‘Wrath’ he Produced, Written and Lead Actor and has been submitted to film festivals world wide in March 2022 and has already been selected for two film festivals for Best Actor & Best Drama at The IMDB Qualifying Venice Beach Shorts California April 2022 and selected for Best Drama at The New York Cinefest May 2022.  Kru is now in pre production of his next project ‘Green Man Island’ a thriller feature film.



Trinity Mirror/Scottish Power Sporting Champion Of The Year

Awarded for outstanding support to Youth with Anti Bullying and Supporting adults with Mental Health in the UK


Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine UK Hall Of Fame

For continueing contributions and work towards Martial Arts in the UK


International Hall Of Fame Martial Arts Instructor Of The Year

For continueing contributions and work towards Martial Arts in the UK


Hall Of Fame Martial Arts UK Award Ceremony Hall of Fame Superstar Award

Kru Lundy awarded within the Top 5 UK martial artists Awardees for his contributions & dedication to Martial Arts in the UK


Nominated for best actor and his production of film 'wrath' for best drama at venice for shorts film festival california

Kru Lundy is nominated at an IMDB qualifying event for his performance as lead actor and for his production of film ‘WRATH’


Nominated for his production of film 'wrath' for best drama at the new york cinefest film festival

Kru Lundy is nominated at a New York prestige event  for his Production of film ‘WRATH’