Actor/Stage Combat Coordinator + Martial Arts Expert

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Kru Lundy is an actor, stunt performer, choreographer and is one of the UK’s elite martial arts demonstrator and expert award winning instructor with extensive experience. He is recognised as one of the most skilled up-and-coming names in the action genre and has worked on film set including Fast & Furious 6 & Zombie Apocalypse as well as working on Fox TV series Da Vincis Demons and has completed stunt performing as screen fighter in Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics series Lucky Man of which will be televised in 2016 on Sky 1.

Kru Lundy has as also worked as a fight coordinator and Martial Arts demonstrator at the biggest events in the UK with his award winning team of 20 martial arts instructors and champion fighters of which he trained up to perform the best demonstrations in the UK with the chosen art of Muay Boran.  Kru teaches full time 6 days a week at his private studio in Widnes, Cheshire and has a team of 10 instructors who takes over his work whilst on set teaching Kru’s 120 students

  • Horseriding
  • Martial Arts Expert
  • Screen fighter
  • Stage combat
  • Weaponary
  • Sky Diving (In training for certification)
  • Scuba Diving (In training for certification)
  • Motorbike
  • Car
  • Bodybuilding
  • Swimming
  • Water Skiing
  • Jet Ski
Acting Training

Drama Tutor, Barry Evans

Classes Act Up North Manchester.

Drama Tutor, David Crowley

Classes Act Up North Manchester.

Accent /Voice Coach, Natalie Grady

Private Tutor

Martial Arts Training

His martial arts talent that he possesses has been obtained from his Master world renowned Grand Master Sken teaching Kru the art of Muay Boran, Muay Thai & weaponry Krabi Krabong.  Grand master Sken has produced successful Hollywood Stunt men, martial arts actors, world champion Thai boxing/Boxing champions and GM Sken has worked with in Hollywood blockbuster movies and now has past the art of to Kru.  Kru Lundy is a 4th Khan and is the only instructor assessor in the UK under GM Sken , he trains weekly with GM Sken in Stockport Manchester.

Fight Choreography Training

Kru Lundy has been trained privately by one of the best fight choreographers in the UK, Mark Strange teaching him reaction techniques, using techniques to perform for the camera, stunt performing and tricks to show flamboyance to capture viewers of his work.

Professional Martial Arts Trainer

Kru Lundy has produced English, British & European Champions as well as world silver medallists under his teachings and guidance.  Kru Lundy  Won 2013 Sports Champion Award of the north of the UK and Wales for his contribution to the community and charities.


Kru Lundy appears in the national press, magazines and has appeared on TV chat shows with regards to his outstanding results made with his martial arts talent. In 2014 Kru Lundy received an award from the Editor of Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame and has appeared on covers and in articles of the magazine.

2017 Internation Hall Of Fame Martial Arts Instructor Of The Year Award
2016 Internation Hall Of Fame Martial Arts Instructor Of The Year Award
Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine Black Belt Hall Of Fame Award

2015 Hall OF Fame Gold Award presented by Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine for contribution & commitment towards martial arts in the UK.

Northwest Champion Of Champions Award for charity and anti-bullying work 2013



Height: 5ft 11″


Weight: 90KG


Hair: Brown


Eyes: Blue


Build: Muscular


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Zombie Apocolaypse

Fast & Furious 6

Enter The Cage



Da Vinci’s Demons

Lucky Man, Marvel Comics

Channel 4 Lookalikes

Music Videos

Triberius – Yo Yo On A Trampoline


Actor/Stunt Choreography

Supporting Artist

Actor / Stunt Performer

Main Actor


Actor – Dragoon Warrior

Actor – Cage Fighter

Actor – Motivational Coach


Actor – Bare Knuckle Fighter


Chee Keong Cheung Film

Universal Pictures / Justin Li

Rotunda Films

Jesse Lewis-Reece



Carnival Pictures

Knickerbocker Glory Productions


Cosmic Joke UK

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