Just to say Thank You.

I am a lucky man. I have a supportive wife who believes in me and the same can be said of my friends and family. I choose to surround myself with good people.

Now on top of having all of this I’ve found myself pleasantly surpised by the amount of online support I am now receiving. I’m only at the beginning of this mission to pursue my dreams and become an actor and to have so many well wishers contact me in one way or another at this stage is so encouraging and it is hugely appreciated.

It’s not just the long list of old friends making my day acknowledging what i’m doing, it’s new friends too. People I’ve never met, some coming from as far as America! I’ve had Private Messages Photo Comments and Likes Comments on Statuses and Blog posts Tweets retweets all of it really is amazing.

It makes such a difference to know there are kind, good people behind me. So thank you everyone it really means a lot to me.

Quick Update

bleach cast

This  week I have been extremely busy as always, its rare that I’m getting to bed before 1am lately this is so late  considering I’m up early for training and one to ones every day but it was confirmed this week that my late nights spent studying are absolutely worth while.

I enjoyed two days in rehearsals for Bleach. They went really well and it was an awesome experience meeting the other actors and getting into character.



neil alderton

That was my Thursday and Friday by Saturday I was sat in an acting workshop  with Eastenders Director Neil Alderton . I was honestly bursting with confidence walking away from it. I controlled my nerves managed to not crumble under the pressure and was happy with my overall performance. I was very comfortable answering all questions and it was here that I saw the benefit of all of my late night extra studying.

Then on that brilliant high I attended my usual Sunday drama class with Act Up North.

I’ve rescheduled my photo shoot with  Christina Jansen   due to a clash of travel and work commitments but that means I’ve still got that to look forward too. Have a look  at some of her previous work and you will see why I am so excited.


Thanks again for your continued support and interest in my journey.

Thank you for reading.