After a week of filming Bleach playing Shane, a real nasty piece of work, I am honestly drained.

I’ve come away from the whole experience feeling truly inspired by the amazing and talented team who I have had the pleasure of working with.  I now feel even more driven to get into my next role…. but  there is also this horrible feeling hanging over me that I’m surpised I havent shook off just yet.

I won’t give too much away but I hate my character with a passion. I have had to go to places in my mind when getting into character that I would never have dreamt of. I also smoked upto 20 cigarettes a scene, as a non smoker that was hard work in itself, I’m feeling it in my chest now and I imagine that is probably adding to this ill feeling I have.  I’ll be happy if I never see a can of stella again too.

When I do anything I always put everything I can into it, I compete with myself to do better all the time so if I wasnt this exhausted and disgusted I would be feeling like I could have done more, for that reason I am really happy. I am also looking forward to seeing the scumbag that I have brought to life appearing on the big screen soon.

Anyway being back home with my beautiful family is helping get me back to normality. Shane is dead and Lundy is back.

A brilliant professional photographer was on set with us last week so I thought I would share some of the best shots with you. I think they show the quality of the hard work and team spirit that was there at all times, and for most of it, the fun that was had by all of us.

Our Week in Pictures

bleach-d1shoot_60309 bleach-d1shoot_60319 bleach-d1shoot_60378 bleach-d1shoot_60377 bleach-d1shoot_60370 bleach-d1shoot_60427 bleach-d1shoot_60513 bleach-d1shoot_60479 bleach-d1shoot_60477 bleach-d4-shoot_61180 bleach-d4-shoot_61057 bleach-d4-shoot_61058 bleach-d2-3-shoot_60599 bleach-d4-shoot_61063 bleach-d4-shoot_61096 bleach-d1shoot_60534 bleach-d1shoot_60512 bleach-d1shoot_60410 bleach-d1shoot_60245 bleach-d1shoot_60244 bleach-d1shoot_60240 bleach-d1shoot_60236 bleach-d1shoot_60229 bleach-d1shoot_60204 bleach-d1shoot_60188 bleach-d1shoot_60181 bleach-d1shoot_60169 bleach-d1shoot_60166 bleach-d1shoot_60163 bleach-d1shoot_60162 bleach-d1shoot_60149 bleach-d1_60089 bleach-d1_60070 bleach-d1shoot_60524 bleach-d1_60062 bleach-d1_60066 bleach-d2-3-shoot_60571 bleach-d1shoot_60307 bleach-d1shoot_60253 bleach-d1shoot_60258 lundy filming


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