This week I’ve ticked off one of my biggets goals so far.

I now have a Hollywood based agent!!

Sharon Power from Bold Artist Management said

“We would love to work with you. You have a very specific set of skills and I represent no other men anywhere in  the world who can match you. I have one girl who would come close and she is working in Hollywood.”

So when I eventually calmed down and stopped feeling a little bit like Liam Neeson I agreed to the terms and signed the contract.

(OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  Dedicated

I have achieved this goal not out of luck but because I am obsessed.It is my belief that if you want to achieve something big it isn’t enough to just be interested in it, you must be obsessed with what you are going after.

I am not interested in taking my acting career to Hollywood, sorry my acting career taking me to Hollywood. I am obsessed with it.

I have spent an unreal amount of time, energy and money trying to get myself recognised by an agent with LA connections. Everything has been about getting to America for me. I even asked my wife for a new suitcase for Valentine’s Day. I now have my suitcase ready and waiting to go to my first American acting job. Just as I am.


Geeks get the Last Laugh

So many great acheiving celebrities are geeks. From the beautiful and highly intelligent Natalie Portman to muscle bound gamer Vin Diesel and even rock god and scientist Brian May,  all have been regarded as geeks in their own way.

In my opinion geeks get the best out of life and experience the most success. I think this is because they are not afraid to try. To put effort into something, to risk failing and then try again and ofcourse they are usually obsessed with something .

In one of my first acting classes we were asked what we wanted and why we were there?

I stood up and announced that I am going to Hollywood. ..Some of the other aspiring actors laughed.  I’m still trying to work that one out.

Surely all actors want to make it big and get to Hollywood or atleast do something along these lines … or maybe some dont have any goals  and are just a bit interested in acting ?

Doesn’t matter to me anyway. My contract is signed and as soon as the first job comes in, Kru Lundy will be going to Hollywood.

Thank you for reading.