Happy New Year Everyone

I hope 2016 is treating you well so far. I’ve noticed on Social Media a lot of people have been talking about their hopes for a better future, whether that means getting fit, being happier or achieving a specific goal, its great to see so many people sharing their dreams.

I feel that I am in a position to offer advice and hopefully help people with this, I’ve just had an extremely successful year and am determined to carry that success through to 2016. Please don’t think that I am gloating or showing off in anyway this is  just an offer of support and some ideas for people genuinely wanting to better themselves in whatever way.

In 2015 i said that I wanted to become an actor. I had done some ‘extra’ work before  and it was a great experience but in 2015 i decided to focus on my mission to make it my profession. Dreaming big and aiming for Hollywood.



2016  I now hold in my hands a script and am learning my lines to start working on BLEACH. I  play a multifaceted character named Shane who, without giving too much away, should have the audience feeling every emotion going.  It’s a perfect role for me, I’ve learned that I am more than capable of playing a bad guy but this character gives me a chance to explore the various acting skills I’ve been working on and gives me an opportunity to show them off. I feel excited not only to be working on this  but also because of the platform it will give me as an actor trying to get my name out there.

Getting to this point and I still have a long way to go has not been easy and this is what I’m getting at.. if you want something you must put the work in.






I put a lot of time and passion into studying the art of acting.  I attend a minimum of 2 drama classes a week, I  also have a private tutor and a voice coach

I had my website  and social media accounts set up and got my name out to the right people bagging myself an agent. Ive even found myself having to turn down agents

I continue to work hard as a Kru and personal trainer at my Muay Thai Club Widnes MSA Keeping on top of my martial art and image. By doing this i have been able to choreograph fight scenes for films and my demo tea.

I have offered my fight choreography and stunt services for free throughout the year to film directors and producers as a way of gain experience and getting a feel for the industry.

I have traveled up and down the country with my demo team showcasing our martial arts acting and fight choreography at many shows and awards and then alone attending castings and auditions.

This isn’t even half of it….

I’ve acted in a music video, a channel 4 comedy and I’ve now started turning down roles due to filming clashes. I adopted new skills like horse riding and even managed to make myself look like a convincing smoker along with working on learning new accents.


Throughout all of this I have honestly had some really low points. A head full of complete negativity questioning why i’m doing this and if I will ever get anywhere, at times I’ve almost given up. My strong belief in myself and the belief that we are all just human, so if one person can do something then so can the next person, is what pulled me through these times.


So based on my pursuit of my goal in 2015 and so far  my advice to you is this …


Dreams are actually more like nightmares while you are on your way to achieving them. 

They are filled with blood sweat and tears but if you recognise this and fight through it all  with work and self belief

I know that you will get to where you want to be.  


Thank you for reading

Have your best year.