Katie Hopkins is Finally Shut Up  and it’s by a Champion Fighter

A couple of months ago myself and my wife Kirsty were invited to appear on the Panel Show ‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World’.This was after Kirsty’s weight loss success story appeared in a magazine.

We were invited to share our opinion on Katie’s controversial attitude towards weight gain and whether it should or shouldnt affect a relationship.

An opportunity to debate with    argue with  shut up Katie Hopkins is not something many people would pass up so off we went to London to film the show.

Unsurprisingly she wasnt the notorious loudmouth she portrays herself as through the media when we met her in person. Still, not one to bite my tongue I told her exactly what I thought of her disgusting opinions. I thoroughly enjoyed putting her straight and giving her a good telling off, who wouldn’t?… unfortunately I’ll have to assume the producers didn’t enjoy it as much as me as that didnt make it to the show.

They did put together a brilliant video of our success story of love and weight loss and we got to get our point across so it was another fight won as Team Lund.



Music Video Star 

I recently won the role of an fighter / boxer starring in a Music Video produced by Cosmic Joke UK.   I was really looking forward to this after looking at some of their previous work and the day of filming entirely lived up to expectations. It was an amazing experience… can’t wait to see the finished product with all the footage edited , the song is outstanding too.


Lundy on Channel 4 Coming Soon. 

Working on a new channel 4 programme within the next two weeks! It’s the comedy drama reality show Lookalikes.  I’ll be playing a motivational speaker in a comedy sketch. I cant give too much away, It’s a serious/intimidating but fun character  and should be a really good laugh.

 So much going on at the moment, I know I’m on the right path which is absolutely brilliant and this is just the start.


Thank you for reading.