It’s been an eventful couple of weeks as always.

I’ve starred in a music video as an old school style bare knuckle boxer, filmed fight scenes for Enter the Cage and played a completely mad motivational speaker in a channel 4 comedy sketch show. I’ve enjoyed every minute but I’ve noticed a pattern emerging…

I’m Always The  Bad Guy 


And to make me even more sure of this I’ve just won the part of one of the hunters for a new prime time TV game show. I’ll be chasing  couples travelling around the UK trying to complete tasks. Like a modern day Running Man, I’m really looking forward to this, just hope the competitors know what they are in for.


Enter The Cage

Working with Gary Anthony Rogers Dean Williams Kevin McDonagh and Dianne Richardson I played a vital part  in making the final fight scene in a low budget film look like a million dollar movie. Was a pleasure working with these guys lots of great ideas and cinematic risks taken. The finished piece should be amazing. 12193849_10154385608899741_5246478190655866175_n (1)





I Can be Your Hero 

People who know me will know I’m not really a bad guy and a large part of my life is spent helping people so it’s only fair  I get to play the hero once in a while and that’s exactly what I did with our demo team.  We performed at the MAI Hall of Fame Awards in Falkirk Scotland and part of the show sees me protecting my wife and teeny tiny martial artist daughter from a team of ninjas.


I’ve got really really exciting news but I’m saving that for my next update ..and that is all i can say right now….


Thank you for reading.