This week I posted a before and after photo of my wife.  I have since been inundated with enquiries from people asking how? How has she lost that weight? How has she changed her body so much? How does she do it?

So here’s the answer and some people are probably not going to like it.

She works hard for it. She sticks to a strict healthy diet and she trains hard twice a day.

That’s it. There’s no secret to it.

Why does she get the results you can see here?

Because she is consistent,she is disciplined and she has a goal.

She keeps her diet and training up all the time

She doesn’t quit on a Wednesday for the sake of a sneaky chocolate bar, telling herself she’l’l start again on Monday.

She doesn’t say “ahh forget it we’ll go out  for meal  and get desert it’s Mother’s day after all, I’ll start again Monday.” (Infact she went to Nandos last month, she picked apart her wrap and just ate the chicken and sweet potato and washed it down with a glass of water.)

She doesn’t go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill for half an hour then leave because she’s tired.. thien post on facebook that she’s back training hard again on Monday.

She keeps her diet and training up all the time.

Her diet is currently a lot stricter as she is training for Miami Pro. She has had to sacrifice a lot more food and drink than she normally does to the point where she’s not even allowed her usual cup of hot Vimto! By sticking to her new diet to the letter and seeing the amazing results It is getting her she keeps herself focussed.

This video of our appearance on Katie Hopkin’s show details Kirsty’s weight loss story.


After losing 6 stone Kirsty had our two children and impressively lost all of her baby weight in the same fashion

So as a mother of two young children who runs a busy successful business and as someone who was once over weight, Kirsty is proof that anyone can get the physique they want…. they just have to work hard for it.


1927893_508313289370735_5068054749055460182_nI’m also training to compete in Miami Pro so everything that Kirsty is experiencing I am also putting myself through. I know it’s difficult at times just as my other goal of becoming an actor can be challenging.

I couldn’t make it to my drama class this week as I had an appointment to do with the competition but I’ve not missed out on a class yet and I am not about to start now so I booked a one to one with my tutor.

The same rules apply I am consistent I am disciplined and I have a goal.

There are no excuses when it comes to achieving your goals and there is no one to blame but yourself if you don’t.

We have a casting coming up this week with Peter Hunt. He is the head of casting for Lime Pictures and is the person to impress considering I have my heart set on becoming a bad guy on a soap.

Wish me luck and if you are planning on starting your own diet or journey to achieve any goal don’t wait until Monday, start now.


Thank you for reading.