It’s something so many people seem to shy away from and I really cant understand. They are afraid to ask for it as if  it is a sign of weakness and then even if it is offered for free they are still unwilling to take it.

Thanks to  many years working in the fitness industry, offering help assistance and the answers people are looking for and then just being ignored  I have experienced the complete frustration that this causes. Maybe this  is why I find myself looking for the right support in everything I try to do, because I know it’s there and I know that this is the only way to become a success.

The way I see it is, if you can see someone succeeding at something then they know what they are doing and have already been through the trial and error process. Why not copy them? Follow in their footsteps and add your own and if they are willing to guide you along the way then that is even better, don’t turn that down.

I am currently training under the supervision of Adam Boyd – Mr Universe Contestant in preparation for Miami Pro. This is totally new territory for me but I feel confident as I have all of his experience and knowledge pushing me through the difficult days of training.



Through following all of his advice, training twice a day and eating as he has said I have gained the right amount for this stage of my preparation. I’ve gone from 14 stone 4 to 15 stone. It’s really lucky that this fell at the same time as me trying to bulk up  for my role on BLEACH.


I’ve added another class to my drama study schedule too working with Alex Jake Norton  I feel like I’m constantly improving and I’m excited to be learning new things all the time. There are A LOT of out of work actors out there and if you don’t stay on top of your game and look for ways to stand out it is easy to get lost with them. This is why I attend three drama classses a week and listen to the advice of three different drama coaches.

My agent another great support and someone with a knowledge of the industry that people have to earn has arranged a photo shoot for me with  a photographer who has worked with Muhammed Ali! This will hopefully raise my acting profile greatly.

I still have a long way to go but I know I wouldn’t be where I  am already  if it wasn’t for my ability to see a great opportunity in an  offer of  help advice and support.


Thank you for reading