We are 2 weeks into the New Year…Honestly how many of you have already started giving up on your new year’s resolution?  I’ll bet its a lot of you. This is the week, according to studies when the majority of people will give up

Gyms will empty,  the bitchy statuses from some gym regulars will stop.. I hate them, no team spirit, we all started as beginners, help each other.  The healthy eating plans tossed out along with that untouched head of lettuce starting to go bad in the bottom of the fridge. Smokers and drinkers are back outside the pubs freezing their fingers off  “enjoying”  their old habits.

DON’T GIVE UP well do give up if we are on about  smoking or drinking but don’t give up on yourself.

Don’t be one of these people. I’ve thought about it and 14 days in is where it becomes the real challenge the novelty and excitement of something new has subsided you are actually looking at making a permanent lifestyle change, you have realised it is actually quite hard work and you are starting to feel tired or are having strong cravings this is when people get scared and run back to their comfort blankets.



So how do you get past this stage and succeed? Its really simple but when you hit a wall of negativity it doesn’t seem that way. You must have reasons for making your resolution and I imagine they are quite good ones.

Write down your goal and your reasons for wanting to achieve it. Write somewhere that you will see it every day.  Read it out loud to yourself . Smile. And do something anything  to help yourself achieve it.  This will give you the focused and positive attitude that you need to keep going.

People who don’t write down their goals will find that mind becomes unfocused and negativity creeps in with its mate self doubt and before you know it you’re  a sheep. You with the majority  have given up on what you set out to do returned to your normal routine and will no doubt “try again next year”.. ridiculous really.

DO IT THIS YEAR!                                           BE A SUCCESS!                                       ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL!


I don’t mean to sound bossy but people who know me know how passionate I am about helping people it’s funny because I think it’s this part of me which landed me a part in a soon to be aired comedy as a crazy motivational speaker .

kru lundy-3-1_resized

I got the call the other day from them saying my drill sergeant style motivational coach character came across superb and they will be using it in the series!  I’m so happy about this and feel like this character could really get me noticed.

Kru Lundy kicking off on TV now too.. ,my students will think they’ve gone mad.


Rehearsals for upcoming film BLEACH start on 28th 29th January. I’ve been studying the script and couldn’t be more excited and ready for this part.

Thank you for reading.