The Jean Claude Van Damme Experience 

Last weekend we had the absolute honour of performing at the the Jean Claude Van Damme Experience in Manchester. The nerves were another level for me before we even got there but as we enjoyed the evening leading up to getting on stage we started to realise that the crowd was packed with martial arts enthusiasts experts and celebrities, the nerves hit hard then.. harder than i hit Kru Rory,  but more about that later.  To say it was a dream come true to not only meet a martial arts and acting hero of mine but to showcase my abilities to him as a supporting act just doesnt do justice to how I feel.

Performing our Muay Thai Muay Boran  Demo as part of the act before Jean Claude Van Damme hit the stage was unbelievable.

It was a short Demo but we crammed a lot of our most violent muay boran combos in mixing in the slow motion movement we have been working on with the fast full contact rapid move made for authentic entertainng choreographed fights, all of that that plus the adrenaline meant we just basically battered each other.

Ofcouse there was  a nod to Van Dammes flexibilty with Kru Kirsty dropping into the splits mid fight and I knew I had to get the legendary flying kick in there. Unfortunately for Kru Rory he was the one to receive it. His dedication is proven in the carpet burns he still has on his back as a result of the kick.

Kru Rory dusted himself off and wrote this after show, it is a testament to how hard we have worked and how quickly we have reached the heights we were aiming for from the start… this obviously means we now need to aim higher… and we are but I can’t say too much just yet.


This year Kru Paul Francis Lund started the Team MSA Widnes demo team to follow in the footsteps of our inspirational Grand Master Sken Kaewpadung We started off doing a small demo in a church, at a homeless shelter event in Widnes. We then performed at a Buddhist temple in Runcorn. Thanks to Bob SykesPaul Barnett we then performed at the UK Martial arts show in Doncaster, meeting many great martial artists & even sharing a changing room with actor Michael Jai White. This lead to us being put in the Martial arts illustrated magazine, doing demos at the MAI hall of fame awards in Burton on trent & Scotland & not to mention doing fight choreography with actors, working with Mark Strange & Director Chee Keong Cheung At these awards we met many more great martial artists. Along the way some of our team left & we have worked with different Martial artists, Kiran Pandé & Patryk Glowacki & tonight Dean Williams & some of his team, where we performed at Jean Claude Van Damme’s event at event city in Manchester… it’s not every day you get to meet your childhood hero & the man, alongside Bruce Lee who is the reason you got into martial arts. Tonight I am feeling blessed.

— with Patryk GlowackiPaul Francis LundKiran Pandé,Aaron Gassor and Dean Williams.

Being pulled into the VIP Area by interviewers after our performance made an already incredible experience even better and we were acknowledged by the celebrities who had walked by us earlier it was honestly amazing.


Today I’m going for something very different, showcasing my acting skills and doing something I find very difficult. I have to make myself cry in front of a room full of people.

I’ll let you know how that goes ……


Thank you for Reading.